The overall objective of the USAF STINFO (Scientific and Technical Information) program is to ensure all STINFO generated under Air Force Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation programs makes the maximum impact on DoD and national research and development efforts. To carry out this objective, the status and final results of all Air Force research are published in the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), the official DoD repository of all DoD-funded research. The publication of this research facilitates the interchange of scientific and technical information within and among all Air Force organizations, DoD components, federal agencies, government contractors, and the national and international scientific and technical community.

While USAF research is often conducted in-house, the Air Force also teams with contractor partners. To assist our contractor researchers with preparation of their data deliverables, below we provide the formatting guidance, as well as the forms required for the submittal of their final Scientific and Technical Report deliverables to AFRL.

Formatting Guidelines

Checklist (Form 25)

Standard Form 298