Tech Engagement Team

AFRL's Tech Engagement Team

AFRL's Tech Engagement Team

Welcome to AFRL New Mexico’s Tech Engagement Office. Serving as a conduit between the Lab’s Directed Energy and Space Vehicles directorates and the outside world, our focus is on helping grow a robust technology industry that can support AFRL’s mission. We do this by working directly with industry and by cultivating the next generation of scientific talent through exceptional educational opportunities.

Until recently, we were known as the Tech Transfer Team. While tech transfer is still our number one mission, we felt the name failed to capture the true reach of what we do and didn’t evoke the collaborative nature of the relationships we are building “beyond the fence.” We believe Tech Engagement is much more appropriate as it highlights our desire to engage with industry, academia and the community.

Our AFRL Tech Engagement Team is a dedicated group of professionals with uniquely varied backgrounds and experience in both the private and public sector. We are here to navigate those interested in working with the lab (whether it’s a small business, large corporation or academic institution) and to identify potential opportunities for collaboration.

We are extremely proud of our award-winning STEM programs, led by a team of professional educators. AFRL’s La Luz Academy offers programs for students from 5th to 12th grade aimed at inspiring them to seek out careers in math, science and engineering. Our Scholars program gives college and graduate students hands-on education opportunities and a leg up on a potential career with AFRL.