Local Middle School Students Visit AFRL for "Day at the Lab"

Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico hosted 50 local middle school students for a special “Day at the Lab” event on Tuesday, March 1st as part of the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

President Obama launched the initiative in 2014 to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color and ensure that all young people can reach their full potential This week, federal labs across the country are opening their doors to underrepresented students to show them that they are a diverse and exciting place to work and why studying science, technology, engineering and math is so important.

AFRL opened its doors to students from Garfield and Wilson Middle Schools. The students were broken into small groups and paired with an AFRL scientist or engineer "mentor." The mentors showed the students around the labs, where they got to see some of the cutting-edge technology being developed. They also talked to them about all the kinds of jobs available at AFRL and really tried to open the students' eyes to what a job in STEM related field could look like.